Alys Beach

Alys Beach recaptures the spirit of waterfront communities of the past and treasured places where seaside traditions began. Conceived as a more gracious way to live along the water, Alys Beach sets a new standard along Scenic Highway 30-A, the road synonymous with thoughtful town planning, environmentally sensitive design, and quality architecture.

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The 158-acre community, master planned by Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, includes 1,500 feet of beach front and a 20-acre nature preserve. The more than 600 rowhouses, courtyard homes, villas, and compound retreats are positioned to take advantage of water views, sight corridors, and prevailing Gulf breezes.

landmarks in Alys Beach, Florida

The architects looked to the vernacular structures of Bermuda and Antigua, Guatemala to provide the inspiration for Alys Beach. Respectful of historical precedents while infusing contemporary insights, the homes and public buildings are simple white-washed masonry forms, white-tile rooftops and decorative profiles. Throughout the community, quiet pedestrian corridors and green open spaces are embraced by gracious courtyard homes and pristine white rooftops.

The vision of Alys Beach comes to life with the completion of the first courtyard homes and landscaped pedestrian pathways. The butteries and perfectly aligned Medjool palms have already become icons along 30A, while Fonville Press is a popular gathering spot for both locals and tourists.

Alys Beach continues to grow as plans move ahead for the gulf-front Village at Alys Beach, Row-houses at Clermont Courts, the Caliza Pool, and Lake Marilyn. For the Village at Alys Beach internationally renowned architect Demetri Porphyrios looked to his native Greece for inspiration. Like traditional fishing villages overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the plan of the Village at Alys Beach is simple and rational, gracious and engaging with a delightful collection of 65 homes of varying sizes in 16 buildings. A limestone walkway, main plaza and two piazettas encourage convivial interactions and embrace connections to the Gulf. Small, narrow buildings are arranged in clusters and oriented to the water and at right angles to ensure sunshine, views and sea breezes reach all the homes.

beautiful architecture in Alys Beach, Florida

The refined and elegant vision for Alys Beach is truly one of a kind and sets a new standard of construction in Northwest Florida. Alys Beach is the first entire community in the world to be designed “Fortified…for safer living,” a national inspection-based program launched by the Institute for Business & Home Safety. The town also draws on sustainable design and construction techniques to create harmonious relationship between humans and the environment. This approach to building combines with a pedestrian friendly town plan, congenial villas, compound and courtyard homes, and an incredible natural setting to lay a solid foundation for a most unique waterfront community.

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