Carillon Beach


Carillon Beach is slightly off of Scenic 30-A but it so close that we consider it one of our beach communities. Like the other beach towns in this area, Carillon Beach has considerable charm as well as a laid back and upscale atmosphere.

The entrance to this 104-acre planned community is on the western edge of Bay County, just across Lake Powell from Inlet Beach. As the marketing brochure says so eloquently, it is a community that was created out of a desire to return to a quieter and gentler time when people cared for the land and the neighbors around them.

beach amenities in Carillon Beach, Florida

Carillon Beach has many amenities, including a town center, a twelve-acre lake, naturally landscaped parks, three swimming pools, tennis courts and over 4000 linear feet of serene white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico.

One of the nicest things about Carillon Beach is, in fact, that it is off the beaten path. It’s a great place to shop and dine. There is also a small jazz club that heats up in the evenings during the high season.

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