Inlet Beach

Inlet Beach is the eastern-most town directly accessible from Scenic 30-A. You can also access this beach community from US98 using several roads that wind their way to the beach.

The town got its name when the McCaskill Investment Company of DeFuniak Springs introduced it to the buying public during the 1920’s. The town really started hopping when the young veterans from World War II returned to the area and applied for land offered through a latter-day version of the Homestead Act. In 1947, the Birmingham News ran an article about the Bureau of Land Development giving veterans first choice in a lottery. So many veterans built in the area; it was referred to as “Soldiers Beach.”

a beautiful view of Inlet Beach Florida

Eventually the name was changed to Inlet Beach. A 1920’s sales brochure said the following, “Inlet Beach is a fairyland of beauty tucked away in this secluded spot on the Gulf of Mexico, sheltered by encircling forests and flanked by the turquoise waters of Lake Powell.”

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