Seagrove Beach

Seagrove Beach got its name from the thick grove of windswept oak trees along the beach. The trees were a perfect cover from the harsh hurricanes that landed along the coast of North Florida.

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At the beginning of the 20th Century, Seagrove Beach was known as Russ’s Hammock. You could get here by taking a small road from the north by way of Point Washington, a small timber mill town. One of the few, original property owners to settle here was the McGee family in 1949.

Outside of a few cottages and the little Seagrove Hotel, there wasn’t much development at that time. The only way to drive to Seagrove was on a sandy trail from the paved, U.S. Highway 98. The current road 30-A, was just a simple dirt road a few hundred feet in both directions. Until they paved 30-A there was no connecting road from Seagrove to Grayton Beach, because the two towns were separated by Western Lake. The only way to get from either town to the other was by boat.

Recently, Seagrove Beach has shown an increasing amount of traffic. Residences, condominiums, shops and restaurants are springing up in the area and it is becoming a very popular destination for tourists.

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beach dunes in Seagrove Beach, Florida

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