Seaside, Florida

Seaside, Florida’s official motto is “A Simple, Beautiful Life”, and once you’ve spent time here you’ll understand why. In this New Urbanist town (the first of its kind) priority is given to those who wish to explore and discover. Sandy paths twist and turn throughout Seaside, revealing hidden pocket parks. Beach walkovers were designed as dramatic gateways to the sea, framing the Gulf of Mexico like oversized works of art. In Seaside, which was more of a character in “The Truman Show” than a backdrop, time slows, allowing you to enjoy the white-sand beaches while unplugging from the static of everyday life.

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Even ordinary moments, like grabbing breakfast or unwinding at the end of the day take on new forms here. Breakfast becomes a peaceful walk to Modica Market for a homemade muffin and a stop at the nearest beach walkover to assess the day’s waves. Laughter on a screened porch at sunset replaces television for the week. A hot, summer day with toes dug into the cool sand of Seaside Beach gets even better with the delivery of slow-roasted barbecue and a Technicolor snow cone bought through the window of a vintage Airstream trailer. A professional town theatre, concerts on the amphitheater green, monthly art walks and a weekly farmer’s market ensure that everyone is entertained — and you don’t need to move the car once. Seaside, Florida manages to take the moments in life that are truly precious, and amplify them. You will return home renewed, inspired and energized for that simple, beautiful life you’ve been dreaming of.

Conceived, planned and developed by Robert and Daryl Davis, (Robert Davis inherited the 80 acres of property in the 1970’s) their dream was to create a pedestrian-friendly, community of cottages with picket fences and elevated porches to watch the sun set on the Gulf. Along the brick-laid side streets you will find rows of homes, a highly praised charter school, a newly designed chapel, a newly opened Medical Arts building.

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pedestrian-friendly community of Seaside, Florida

brick-laid streets of Seaside Beach, Florida

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