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Hiking: Trail Walker Program in Point Washington State Park, Florida

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Airline travelers get frequent flyer miles. Now hikers in Florida traveling to the Scenic Route 30-a area can get something for being “frequent walkers.”

The Florida Department of Agriculture’s Division of Forestry (DOF) is offering the Florida State Forests Trail Walker Program, a quick and easy way to enjoy nature and feel a sense of accomplishment for doing it.

According to the D.O.F., the Trail Walker Program is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Walk a total of 10 trails in a minimum of five Florida state forests, selecting trails from the Trail List. At the trailhead of each trail you hike, obtain one pre-paid postal survey card for the trail. Fill it in and put in the mail after you complete the hike.

Print the Trail Walker’s Log and record your progress. As you send in your postal survey cards, the D.O.F. will send you a sticker for each space on the log next to the entry for each trail you hike.

When you have hiked and logged your 10 trails, complete the Trail Walker’s Log and mail it to the D.O.F. You’ll receive a beautiful Trail Walker Patch that you can sew on your favorite shirt or hiking vest, plus a certificate commemorating your achievement signed by the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Keep going. There are two additional levels to this program. Once you have completed the first level, just print out another one of the Trail Walker’s log sheets and start on the next level:


If you walk another 10 trails in an additional five or more state forests, you will achieve the next level: Trailblazer. For your accomplishment, you get a new patch and certificate.
If you walk 30 trails from the Trail List, you will achieve the third and final level: Trailmaster. For this accomplishment, you will receive one last patch and certificate.
Completed Program Set
When put together, the three patches form one interlocking pattern. But remember: you must finish all three levels of the program to obtain the completed design.

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Trail Walker’s Log – http://forms.freshfromflorida.com/11286.pdf

For more information, please visit our online travel guide at: www.discover30a.com

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